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Snapshot from the set: X-Mas Episode

Liked our Halloween movie? Stay tuned for more! We’re currently working on a Christmas episode! Meet Leo and me on December 26th!

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Had a great shooting today

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Ever wondered how some people can work all night? The trick it easy. No coffee needed, no energy drink either. Just do like me: Have student neighbours asking all their fellows to join their party tonite. Works pretty well for … Continue reading

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As this screenshot proofs, YouTube’s proposal algorithm sorts my channel in a line with Ellen, Casey and more internet celebs. Can’t wait to see my latest video outperform his. Current count: Casey’s 3.5 Million, Mine: Eight (and counting!). Next milestone … Continue reading

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The YouTube Photo Shooting

  Hey guys! How’s it going?   Recently I asked you, whether you like me to start a YouTube channel covering my JAX-RS work, as a stand-in for my conference gigs whilst the curfew. Thanks for all the overwhelming feedback … Continue reading

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Microsoft® Java®: Welcome at OpenJDK!

Microsoft officially is an OpenJDK contributor now, having a cool team on board with names like Bruno Borges, Reza Raman, Ed Burns and Martijn Verburg. That’s amazing, particularly if you know the troublesome history of both! So finally the Java … Continue reading

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WT:Socal – Getting rid of F*book

Say goodbye to F*book, here is the new trend: A social network inspired by open source and powered by Wikipedia. That’s how it should have been done since the beginning! Join now!

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EclipseCon Europe 2019: I’m Speaking

If you are interested in writing lightweight RESTful Microservices implemented by just using JAX-RS (Jakarta RESTful Web Service) but no proprietary features or vendor-specific frameworks at all, then you definitively have to visit my seesion at EclipseCon Europ 2019!

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Thanks for 111.000+ views!

Thanks to all the nearly 100.000 readers of my last blog posting for the more than 111.000 views in one week! It seems I am not the only one caring about Java EE! This proofs that Java is everything but … Continue reading

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Negotiations Failed: How Oracle killed Java EE.

Today Eclipse Foundation’s president Mike Milinkovic blogged about the final result of the confidential trademark negotiations between Oracle and the Eclipse Foundation. As we remember, Oracle announced that Java EE will be open sourced to that organization and it would … Continue reading

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