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CompletableFuture in I/O-bound applications

Hardware access needs long time Applying reactive programming to improve performance by utilizing all CPU cores became rather easy with Java 8 thanks to CompletableFuture. This is nice when an application is mostly CPU-bound, i. e. when it performs in-memory operations. But … Continue reading

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Impressions from JavaForum Stuttgart 2015

Some impressions from my talk at JavaForum Stuttgart 2015 “JAX-RS 2.1 New Features”.

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My first contribution to a W3C standard: The default-language() XPath / XQuery function

I felt honoured and happy when I was informed this week by XQuery co-inventor Jonathan ROBIE that my proposal this week was accepted by the Xpath/Xquery working group at the W3C! While XSLT spec lead Michael KAY pointed out, it … Continue reading

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JVM Callbacks for hardware state events

Strange but true, a Java program cannot detect the situation where it is still running but the laptop is going to sleep because the user closed the lid. Neither can a full-blown Java application server like GlassFish detect a power loss … Continue reading

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#jsf2015 slides online “JAX-RS 2.1 New Features”

You can find the slides of my “JAX-RS 2.1 New Features” presentation at JavaForum Stuttgart 2015 at Speaker Deck.

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Contributed Binary Transmission for setObject(int, Object, int, int)

Cool, my latest contribution to PGJDBC on GitHub was accepted today, so next release will provide better performance for setObject(int, Object, int) and setObject(int, Object, int, int) methods, as the values are now transferred as binary values, and not as String literals … Continue reading

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Fluent APIs are 1% faster

Using fluent APIs without a guilty conscience Fluent APIs are pretty common these days and make our lifes so much easier and the code far better to read. Even the JDK came up with some first fluent APIs many years ago, … Continue reading

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