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parallel//2016 – I’m speaking!

At “parallel//2016” (Heidelberg/Germany, April 6th through 8th) I will address the topic of formulating fibers in pure Java SE 8, using the CompletableFuture API.

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CompletableFuture in I/O-bound applications

Hardware access needs long time Applying reactive programming to improve performance by utilizing all CPU cores became rather easy with Java 8 thanks to CompletableFuture. This is nice when an application is mostly CPU-bound, i. e. when it performs in-memory operations. But … Continue reading

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Reactive Programming with AWT / Swing

Reactive programming is rather popular these days, as it makes it pretty simple to express complex event flows – much better than using lots of manual programming with threads, listeners and concurrency APIs. Also, it combines the conciseness of fluent … Continue reading

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