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You need local named classes! – The Two Minutes Tuesday 007

Hey guys! Local named classes are actually valuable, and this video tells you why. Thank you, Michael Simons, for sending your solution to the question I asked in episode 003 (! CU!

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Java Language Evolution

Hey guys! How’s it going? This is not your dad’s Java anymore! The Java programming language has changed massively since Java 7, after introduction of the keyword var, records, switch expressions, and many more syntax changes. Modern Java feels quite … Continue reading

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A VERY BAD Decision – The Two Minutes Tuesday 006

Hey guys! Everybody does mistakes – even the Eclipse Foundation’s Jakarta EE Working Group. They decided BY ACCIDENT that a contributor loses his committer state once his employer is not paying Working Group Membership Fees. That is nuts! But good … Continue reading

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A tiny plug-in based CLI framework ontop of jCommander

It is still a very initial beta, but we are rather proud of it: Today we published the source code of our tiny CLI application framework built around the terrific jCommander and ServiceLoader. What our framework provides ontop of jCommander … Continue reading

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Multi-Release Jars Made Easy

Hey guys! How’s it going? Multi-Release Jars allow to deliver a fully backwards compatible archive which uses the best implementation for each Java release. In this video I will show you how easy you create it using Maven. Stay safe … Continue reading

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