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Oracle migrates from java.net to GitHub

Today I was officially notified by Oracle that they started to move several projects from their own (failed) java.net platform to GitHub. This is really great news as it paves the way for simpler contribution, including usage of GIT and … Continue reading

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Oracle still ignores community’s will

The Java community for some time complained that Oracle isn’t a good Java EE steward, as neither JCP-decided schedules had been fulfilled, nor external parties where effectively allowed to chime into the stalled JSRs. Voices claimed it might be time to … Continue reading

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Oracle still has no clue how to go on with Java EE 8

So here it is, the long awaited JavaOne announcement on the future of Java EE 8, and what it tells us can be summed up quite simply: Oracle still has no clue how to go on with Java EE 8, … Continue reading

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Tip of the day: System.out.printf()

I’m doing Java since 1999, and it is my daily language since 2001. But still there are gems that I learn each day! Today it is the benefits of System.out.printf(). Yes, printf(), not println()! This 1.5-introduced method is rather clever, … Continue reading

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Reactive Programming with AWT / Swing

Reactive programming is rather popular these days, as it makes it pretty simple to express complex event flows – much better than using lots of manual programming with threads, listeners and concurrency APIs. Also, it combines the conciseness of fluent … Continue reading

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Sorry for the Cold Pizza at JUG Karlsruhe ;-)

I like to thank JUG Karlsruhe for the fun I had last wednesday giving my lecture on JAX-RS. The audience was extremely interested, so it was fun to answer all the questions on REST, HTTP and particularly JAX-RS. I am … Continue reading

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It’s simply ridiculous to read that Oracle (2014’s profit: 13 Billions US$!) effectively blames “staff shortage” for java.net’s front page not being updated for months, then coming up with recent Java Champion Markus Eisele to volunteer meanwhile…! Larry, ifyou’resickof Java, just handit over … Continue reading

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