Do you know Gitpod?

Hey guys! How’s it going?

Gitpod is a new and amazing way to hack on your Java code. Just prefix your Gitlab or Github URL (pointing either to a project, branch, MR or commit), with and few seconds later you find yourself inside a complete Java IDE with Debugger, Code Completion and many more nice features, plus bash console with Git and Maven! Watch me while I play around with a JAX-RS server debugged within that IDE, accessed by local curl in the third episode of Head Crashing Informatics on YouTube!

Stay safe and… party on!

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I got a Mike!

Hey guys! How’s it going?

The setup of the JAX-RS channel (or more formerly: Head Crashing Informatics as a video series on YouTube) is nearly done. Still my cam and lights are stuck in the supply chain, but Thomann today shipped the audio stuff! Yeah! I got a mike! 🙂Titelbild

Watch me unboxing the parcel containing the Sennheiser MK4 plus Focusrite Scarlet in the current episode of Head Crashing Informatics (Episode 02)!

And no, I do not get paid by neither Thomann, Focusrite nor Sennheiser – I just love their services and products with all my heart and am such glad that I have to tell! 🙂

Stay safe and… party on!

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Gitlab Hosted by Eclipse Foundation – Head Crashing Informatics Episode One

Hey guys! How’s it going?

TitelbildWhile my studio equipment (lights, cam, mike) still waiting in China to start their travel to Europe, I couldn’t wait to record a first “real” episode of Head Crashing Information and post it on YouTube.

In this episode I am talking about the Eclipse Foundation’s move to Belgium and its Gitlab hosting in Switzerland, and why this is great news for open source coders in GDPR-bound companies.

Stay safe and… party on!

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The JAX-RS YouTube Channel: Episode Zero

Hey guys! How’s it going?

The JAX-RS YouTube Channel ist making great process! The site it set up, it has a preliminary trailer for new visitors, and the first pre-production issue “Episode Zero: The Beta Test” was just published!Head Crashing Informatics - Episode Zero - Title

Check it out now, and stay tuned for the first real episode coming soon!

Stay safe and… party on!

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The YouTube Photo Shooting



“Yo Bro!”

Hey guys! How’s it going?


Recently I asked you, whether you like me to start a YouTube channel covering my JAX-RS work, as a stand-in for my conference gigs whilst the curfew.

Thanks for all the overwhelming feedback and positive encouragements! Indeed I actually started working on that channel now!

Markus-studioTo create a really professional look, and to provide the quality my audience expects, I hired a professional design artist. So for the first time in my life I posed at a professional photo shooting! It took a whole day, and it was hard work, but thanks good she’s is my wife, so at least I don’t have to pay that bill!


So here it is: The first sneak preview on the JAX-RS stream of Head Crashing Informatics on YouTube! Check it out now!

Please also checkout my wife’s channel on YouTube and her jewellery designs on Instagram. If you like the design of my channel, don’t hesitate to ask her for a quote. She’s always interested in professional requests!

Stay safe and… party on!


“F*ck! I forgot to press Ctrl+S!”

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The JAX-RS Channel On YouTube

People know me mostly from my work on JAX-RS, typically by reading my magazine articles, blogs or attending to one of the German conferences. Thanks to Corona (BTW, did I mention that the Curevac’s vice president was in my graduating class at high scool?), I had to skip my first conference this year (JavaLand became banned by the state of NRW due to its size), and I assume the others (like Java Forum Stuttgart and EclipseCon Europe) will get cancelled, too, due to general curfew.

To keep you all informed about JAX-RS, online media need to fill the gap, so in future I could write more articles and blog entries — or switch to vlogging aka youtubing. But will that be interesting for you?

Would you be interested in a YouTube channel “from the makers of JAX-RS” (like me and christian)? Besides my own rants and code hacks, I could provide interviews with the main stakeholders (like IBM, Oracle, Red Hat, Apache, etc.) or with “sibling projects” (like MVC, JSF, etc.) or Java VIPs (like Ed Burns, Ivar Grimstad, etc.) also. I am sure it would be fun to produce, but would it fun to consume?

Please tell me your opinion, and tell me if you like it in German or English! 🙂

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More AirHacks: Behind the scenes of JAX-RS

A second interview with me is available at Adam Bien‘s AirHack podcast!

This time we talked about my work on JAX-RS.

You can find Episode #84 “Microscopic Services and The Java EE 9 Earth Quake” here:


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