Oracle wants to give up de-facto sole ownership of Java EE

Strike Two! It seems the MicroProfile and Java EE Guardians initiatives finally reached their target: Oracle is willing to give up the de-facto sole ownership of Java EE! While officially Java EE since long time was an open standard developed by the “democratic” organization JCP (Java Community Process), it was de-facto solely controlled and owned by Oracle. The company allowed the community to contribute, but not to control, and ignored the community’s will a lot of times in the past. This lead to counter actions, mainly driven by the MicroProfile and Java EE Guardians initiatives, with the target to have better progress and more control of future Java EE releases. Hence it is a great step that David Delabassee this night announced on the official Oracle blog that they are willing to let others be really equal, and that feedback from the community is explicitly requested how the future of Java EE’s ownership shall look like. This really made my day!

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#javaland 2018 CFP closes on August 10

Friendly reminder: CFP for #javaland 2018 closes on August 10! Hurry up!

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JSF 2017: Slides and Source Code “JAX-RS 2.1 Reloaded”

The source code and updated slides for my talk “JAX-RS 2.1 Reloaded” #jfs2017 can be found online on Gitlab and Speakerdeck.

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Article on Java EE 8 status in print magazine

German magazin “iX Developer” (volume of summer 2017) printed my roundup on the current status of Java. I guess Oracle didn’t like me telling the truth, but someone ought to do it.

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How Oracle tricks the Java community: Read my article in Java aktuell 03-2017

Another article of mine that Oracle is not happy to find in printed media, hence, a must-read: “Taschenspielertricks” in iJUG’s “Java aktuell” (volume 03-2017).

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Java Community Strikes Back

Strike One! The Java community unleashed its power by rejecting Oracle’s Java Module System in the first try. A slap into the face of Mark Reinhold who reacted too late and in the false way to the broad critics. Let’s see if he is willing to learn. CU in 30 days.

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JAX-RS 2.1 @ Java Forum Stuttgart 2017

If you are interested in the final result of JSR 370 “JAX-RS 2.1” directly from an EG member, then you shouldn’t miss Java Forum Stuttgart #jfs2017. I will present what Oracle came up with finally, just around the final release of Java EE 8 which is scheduled for July. This is a must-see for everybody using RESTful Java Web Services!

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