Hi, I’m Jake!

jake-with-coffeeHello everybody, my name is Jake, I drink Java, and I am a professional mascot!

I was born in a German Cinema 4D Studio, and I am fully flexible: You can bend and shake and twist me. I have a realistic fur imitation and I’m completely rigged. My authors even gave me an experimental CMotion walking cycle, so I can jump around. I’m really great. I am cute and photogenic and I’m used to get professionally lighted. I look good on jake-pick-me-i'm-cuteshirts and in the web, and I am open source: My home is GitHub. I am neither trademarked nor otherwise limited and I’m licenced under EPL 2.0.

At the moment I am unemployed. I just do temp jobs on my artist’s blog to get along, but this really isn’t fulfilling. I want a real job. And I want to go to Jakarta. I hope really badly that soon there will be some casting for a Jakarta EE mascot. This would be my dream! Even without, I can work for you. Trust me, I’m the right one to pimp your next slide deck, conference trailer, or project stickers!

So, to sum up: Pick me! I’m cute!

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jax-rs@Eclipse @ Java Forum Stuttgart 2018

Button_speaker_2018As part of the first batch, Oracle provided JAX-RS to the Eclipse Foundation. And now? What  happened since then? What will come in future? Is Oracle bailing out? Who chimed in? And when will there be JAX-RS 2.2 or 3.0?

As a JAX-RS Committer member, I will answer lots of these questions in my talk at Java Forum Stuttgart July 4th 2018.

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Microsoft joins Jakarta EE working group

Today Bruno Borges, Principal Developer Advocate for Java at Microsoft, announced that his company likes to join the Jakarta EE working group. Why this is worth a note? Because Jakarta EE is the new trade name of the industrial standard formerly known as Java EE (Java Enterprise Edition) and Microsoft -at least so far- did not have a product implementing this complete umbrella standard (it did support only few bricks).

I once said that Microsoft will get rid of Windows in favor of Linux, and this is happening right now. I also once said that Microsoft will drop C# and Dotnet in favor of Java and Java EE. So maybe you understand now, why I think this is exciting news!

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Farewell, Java One.

The Java One Conference does not exist anymore. As Oracle’s Steven Chin announced recently, Oracle replaced the Java-centric conference by another one better covering Oracle’s technological portfolio, named “Oracle Code”. It embraces many other technologies. Or in other words: It provides much less Java now.

For those of you which still think the number one development platform is what you like to hear and talk about: JavaLand 2019 is prepared to welcome you, and it is full of Java!

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Contribute to EE4J: Meet me @ Javaland

As you might have heared, the technology formerly known as Java EE, developed by the JCP, meanwhile is developed by the Eclipse Foundation’s EE4J Community under the name Jakarta EE. It is completely open source, and can be forked on Github. But hey, what means “developed by the Eclipse Foundation“?

Well, it means that “nobody” will work on it if not you. Sure, the big stakeholders like Oracle, IBM, and so on, will continue to contribute their fair share. Bit this is not enough to outweigh the many helping hands formerly being on Oracle’s payroll. So it is time for you to chime in! If you want to bring this technology formward, the EE4J community needs YOU!

Markus Karg

meet me @ javaland

Certainly there are lots of questions for people coming into the project, and even more questions if this is your first open source contribution. So to get you motor started, let me be your mentor. As you might know, I am a contributor to JAX-RS since the very beginnings, served on the JAX-RS experts groups for 2.0 and 2.1 (JCP JSR 339, 370), maintained some JAX-RS extension projects, currently I am an Eclipse Foundation Committer Member serving in the JAX-RS project.

logo_javalandSo if you want to help, contact me. Either by email, by blog comment, or face-to-face: You can meet me at the Javaland conference in Germany:

  • TUE 14:00 Café HiLow (Java Pinball presentation)
  • TUE 21:00 Community Hall (Freibier)
  • WED 13:00 Community Hall (Hand-on-Area)
  • WED 14:00 JUG Café (JUGS)

BTW, if you have a close look at the Javaland lineup, you will notice many more EE4J VIPs: For example, you can also meet Christian Kaltepoth (MVC API) and even the EE4J PMC Lead Ivar Grimstad!

Join EE4J – Meet us at Javaland!

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EE4J BoF @ #ECon2017: Slightly Optimistic

Just back from #ECon2017’s EE4J BoF: Slightly optimistic now. Let’s see if Oracle keeps word.

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Headcrashing @ #ECon2017

Today I am attending #ECon2017 in Ludwigsburg / Germany to meet PMC members of EE4J. Let’s see what they tell us about the relationship between JCP (Standards Body) and EF (RI/TCK vendor).

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