Open Source Contributions

In the past decades I have contributed to dozens of open source projects in different roles, mostly by implementing my own feature ideas. Just to mention the ones that had most effect upon the overall user community, here are some selected examples:

  • OpenJDK: Considerably improved performance in the area of I/O, e. g. by completely offloading the workload of NIO’s InputStream.transferTo() to the underlying operating system instead of processing each single byte in Java.
  • JAX-RS aka Jakarta REST: I am co-author of the JAX-RS Specification and committer of the JAX-RS API since v1.x. Some of the features of JAX-RS were invented by myself, most are influenced by myself (like the Filters API). I am the inventor of the SeBootstrap API which allows to use Jakarta REST natively on Java SE without product-specific code in your application. After the move to the Eclipse Foundation, I was the publishing editor of the JAX-RS 2.x releases.
  • Maven (incl. Plexus): Innumerable improvemens and new features to Maven, Maven plugins, and the Plexus libraries. I turned Plexus into a multi-release JAR so it uses offloaded NIO API when copying files / data between files, effectively making your builds run considerably faster on modern JREs. I invented and authored the Paths toolchain type so now you can use native tools without specifying a path in your POM, and it was me who prevents the shade plugin break Java services when minimizing your JARs, just to name a few.
  • GlassFish (incl. Payara) / Jersey / EclipseLink: Innumerable smaller and bigger improvements. Reported approx. 100 bugs to GlassFish. Jersey’s support for JAX-RS’s SeBootstrap API was completely authored by myself, also several other JAX-RS 3.0 features. EclipseLink’s drivers for Sybase/SAP’s SQL Anywhere and for SAP’s MaxDB were originally authored by myself.
  • PostgreSQL: Performance improvements to the official JDBC driver.
  • JOnAS: Several smaller improvements.
  • OpenShot: Added an advanced color adjustment effect.

Honorary Services And Memberships

I am frequently serving in different roles for the community as a volunteer. Just to name the most prominent ones:

  • Together with Jan Westerkamp I am representing the iJUG e. V. in the Eclipse Foundation, specifically in the Jakarta EE Working Group.
  • Together with Tim Riemer (and earlier Tobias Frech) I am frequently organizing the Community Activities as part of the JavaLand conference board.
  • Individual member of the Eclipse Foundation.
  • Individual member of the JCP.

Publications and Presentations

In the last years I published several printed articles and gave some presentations. The following list is incomprehensive.

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