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Java Startup Performance

Hey guys! How’s it going? One of the major pain points even with the latest Java generation is its terribly slow startup time. There are things that you can do to improve it, so here is how to do them … Continue reading

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You lose out Performance! – The Two Minutes Tuesday 004

Hey guys! You’re still using years-old Java versions? Then you definitively lose out performance! CU!

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CompletableFuture in I/O-bound applications

Hardware access needs long time Applying reactive programming to improve performance by utilizing all CPU cores became rather easy with Java 8 thanks to CompletableFuture. This is nice when an application is mostly CPU-bound, i. e. when it performs in-memory operations. But … Continue reading

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Fluent APIs are 1% faster

Using fluent APIs without a guilty conscience Fluent APIs are pretty common these days and make our lifes so much easier and the code far better to read. Even the JDK came up with some first fluent APIs many years ago, … Continue reading

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Improving performance using Iterable.forEach()

Since Java 8 there is a new Iterable.forEach() method, which allows you to perform an operation upon each item of the iterated bunch of data. One might wonder why this method was added, because you could do the same using … Continue reading

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Quick BLOBs Performance Comparison using SQL Anywhere

How BLOB performance can get improved on SQL Anywhere, and what factor one will gain. Document Management Systems (DMS; in the very core a combination of a history-keeping file archive and a full text search index) are on the rise … Continue reading

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