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Java EE Guardians Achieve Partial Success

Today The Register reports that Oracle committed itself to sustained maintenance of Java EE. This is clearly (but possibly not uniquely) a partial success to the Java EE Guardians initiative. Hooray! 🙂 Nevertheless, as Oracle employees told me in private, … Continue reading

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Toolchains + Exec Maven Plugin = Swiss Army Knife

I am pretty excited about Karl Heinz Marbaise this week kindly releasing version 1.5.0 of Exec Maven Plugin, because it contains three additions which are really awesome (not only because I authored them, but because of their combined effect): Support for … Continue reading

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Saxon 9.7 supports fn:default-language

Just noticed that since version 9.7 the well-known Saxon XSLT processor actually implements the fn:default-language function, which I invented back in 2015. I feel really excited! 🙂

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CompletableFuture in I/O-bound applications

Hardware access needs long time Applying reactive programming to improve performance by utilizing all CPU cores became rather easy with Java 8 thanks to CompletableFuture. This is nice when an application is mostly CPU-bound, i. e. when it performs in-memory operations. But … Continue reading

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Summer Holidays At CERN

My wife and me decided to spend our summer holidays this year at CERN. I’m torn between out-freakingly jumping around in our suite and breaking down crying for  joy!

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Improving performance using Iterable.forEach()

Since Java 8 there is a new Iterable.forEach() method, which allows you to perform an operation upon each item of the iterated bunch of data. One might wonder why this method was added, because you could do the same using … Continue reading

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A cold but interesting night outside of the “Alte Scheune Degerloch”

I wanted to say thank you for the warm welcome, the really great location, and the great discussions we had after my “JAX-RS 2.0 for Beginners” talk at JUGS (Java User Group Stuttgart). It was a damned cold night outside … Continue reading

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