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Hey guys! How’s it going?

Learn everything you need to do to LEGALLY fly a drone in Europe in this short video!

PROMOTION: If you like a PROFESSIONAL drone class, then try this promition link of Drone Class, a professional drone school allowed to teach and certify drone pilots! If you purchase a class with them, they pay me 10% of the price, and I will spend that money into production of more great videos like the current one!

Since January 1st, flying a #drone in Europe is only possible if the owner is officially registered with the local authorities, and if the pilot has a license from the european authorities (#EASA).

My wife and me just recently passed the exam, are now registered and own a pilot #license form the LBA (Luftfahrtbundesamt), the German authorities, and we want to show you in this video all the needed steps, how to do them, how easy they are, and how long they need, so you can LEGALLY fly all over Europe by investing just one single day. 🙂

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Stay safe and… Party on!

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