Just back from Java Forum Stuttgart 2018, I want to share the great feedback you all gave me while and after my (and Heiko’s) presentations on JAX-RS (and MicroProfile).

jaxrs-undjetztIn my talk, I (for JAX-RS project, and and my co-host Jake, an inofficial mascot of Jakarta EE) reported about the last six months of JAX-RS being under EF control, how the migration worked out, how we work together, our current status and future targets. Heiko Rupp (for Red Had / Microprofile WG) gave a great live coding introduction into Microprofile APIs.

The audience (approx. 200 in the overcrowded room, out of approx. 2000 attendees of the conference) was following my report somewhat “devoutly”, and the questions were really precise. I had the impression that the audience is really interested in what we do, how we do it, and our roadmap. I demonstrated the one-second boot time using the new Java SE Bootstrap (ontop of Jersey 2.28-SNAPSHOT) which they really seem to like. In particular, I had the impression that it was impressive to see the boot time difference to the “usual” micro server approach Heiko Rupp demonstrated in his talk about current status of Microprofile set of APIs using Thorntail aka Wildfly Swarm (more than ten seconds boot time). Also the audience seems to like our proposed schedule, in particular getting 2.2 rather soon and then having CDI in 3.0.

Later on I had the chance to give more live presentations at the booth of iJUG (Association of German-speaking JUGs) and the guests really liked the simplicity of tha Java SE approach. In particular, the combination of one second boot time and debugging their application in-process in Eclipse IDE (in comparison to ten seconds boot time and remote debugging using a full-monty server).

What people really miss is binaries to try it out. They like to get binary access to the bootstrap API and implementation of that. Hence, I have to speed up my work on the nightly builds and Jersey PoC. Also I feel it is expected by the majority of users that some or all Microprofile APIs should get moved under the auspieces of the Jakarta EE WG so they do not stand “aside” of the “official” enterprise standard-to-come. This would allow to directly integrate e. g. JAX-RS’s Java SE Bootstrap API (i. e. a soon-to-come official Jakarta EE Standard) with Microprofile’s Config, Health and Metrics APIs (i. e. non-Jakarta EE standards). At the moment this is not feasible, as Microprofile APIs’s relationship to Jakarta EE is nother better- or worse-related compared to e. g. commonly used Apache libaries unfortunately. That is a point the PMCs clearly need to focus on in 2019.

To sum up, this was the litmus test of our project and we succeeded. Next we need are nightly builds, which is on the way (I’m preparing this currently, PR will follow soon), and then JAX-RS’s initial EE4J_8 release to make the track free for JAX-RS 2.2.

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