Hi, I’m Jake!

jake-with-coffeeHello everybody, my name is Jake, I drink Java, and I am a professional mascot!

I was born in a German Cinema 4D Studio, and I am fully flexible: You can bend and shake and twist me. I have a realistic fur imitation and I’m completely rigged. My authors even gave me an experimental CMotion walking cycle, so I can jump around. I’m really great. I am cute and photogenic and I’m used to get professionally lighted. I look good on jake-pick-me-i'm-cuteshirts and in the web, and I am open source: My home is GitHub. I am neither trademarked nor otherwise limited and I’m licenced under EPL 2.0.

At the moment I am unemployed. I just do temp jobs on my artist’s blog to get along, but this really isn’t fulfilling. I want a real job. And I want to go to Jakarta. I hope really badly that soon there will be some casting for a Jakarta EE mascot. This would be my dream! Even without, I can work for you. Trust me, I’m the right one to pimp your next slide deck, conference trailer, or project stickers!

So, to sum up: Pick me! I’m cute!

About Markus Karg

Java Guru with +30 years of experience in professional software development. I travelled the whole world of IT, starting from Sinclair's great ZX Spectrum 48K, Commodore's 4040, over S/370, PCs since legendary XT, CP/M, VM/ESA, DOS, Windows (remember 3.1?), OS/2 WARP, Linux to Android and iOS... and still coding is my passion, and Java is my favourite drug!
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