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New Youtube Show tonite 23:00 UTC+2

Don’t miss my new YouTube show tonite 23:00 UTC+2 on!

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Tip of the day: How to work all night

Ever wondered how some people can work all night? The trick it easy. No coffee needed, no energy drink either. Just do like me: Have student neighbours asking all their fellows to join their party tonite. Works pretty well for … Continue reading

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Casey, prepare for the worst! ;-)

As this screenshot proofs, YouTube’s proposal algorithm sorts my channel in a line with Ellen, Casey and more internet celebs. Can’t wait to see my latest video outperform his. Current count: Casey’s 3.5 Million, Mine: Eight (and counting!). Next milestone … Continue reading

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The JAX-RS Channel On YouTube

People know me mostly from my work on JAX-RS, typically by reading my magazine articles, blogs or attending to one of the German conferences. Thanks to Corona (BTW, did I mention that the Curevac’s vice president was in my graduating … Continue reading

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More AirHacks: Behind the scenes of JAX-RS

A second interview with me is available at Adam Bien‘s AirHack podcast! This time we talked about my work on JAX-RS. You can find Episode #84 “Microscopic Services and The Java EE 9 Earth Quake” here: Spotify Apple Podcasts MP3 … Continue reading

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Head Crashing @ AirHacks

Well-known Enterprise Java guru Adam Bien interviewed me for his AirHacks podcast! We talked about our early days with rubber-keyed home computers, and how we came to programming. I welcome you to a first insight shot, or “audio home story”. … Continue reading

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Lightweight JAX-RS Live Coding Video on YouTube (EclipseCon Europe 2019)

If you really missed all of my live coding sessions I gave on my “Lightweight Microservices with JAX-RS 2.2” preview tour (JavaLand, Java Forum Stuttgart, EclipseCon Europe, etc.), there now is a high quality video recording from EclipseCon Europe 2019 … Continue reading

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EclipseCon Video on JAX-RS @ Eclipse

In you missed my ECE2018 talk with Kevin Sutter on JAX-RS @ Eclipse: Here is the Video footage.

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JAX-RS 2.1.3 Available on Maven Central

The JAX-RS Committers are happy to announce that JAX-RS 2.1.3 is available on Maven Central! Ontop of 2.1.2 it provides fixes to the OSGi manifest and now uses “Jakarta” branded dependencies, not “javax” anymore. The full list of changes can be … Continue reading

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JAX-RS 2.1.2 Available on Maven Central

After being the first pushing a non-Oracle JAX-RS release on Maven Central, again we (i. e. the committers of Eclipse Project for JAX-RS) set the pace: I just uploaded JAX-RS 2.1.2 to Maven Central, which provides us two new world records. … Continue reading

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