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REST 101 Required Course: HATEOAS (Kai TÖDTER, JavaLand 2016)

One thing most RESTful applications and / or frameworks do really miss is HATEOAS. This most hard to understand concept of the REST architectural pattern changes the way distributed applications are built fundamentally, and is hard to find in real-life … Continue reading

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St Gallen, here I come!

Glad to announce that JUG Switzerland asked for another presentation of “JAX-RS Done Right”, this time as the opening speaking at their new St Gallen group. Great, I’d love to do that, and I’m looking forward for my third trip … Continue reading

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Impressions from JavaForum Stuttgart 2015

Some impressions from my talk at JavaForum Stuttgart 2015 “JAX-RS 2.1 New Features”.

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#jsf2015 slides online “JAX-RS 2.1 New Features”

You can find the slides of my “JAX-RS 2.1 New Features” presentation at JavaForum Stuttgart 2015 at Speaker Deck.

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Filed my slides for JavaForumStuttgart

Filed my slides for My talk on JAX-RS 2.1 on JSF2015 web site at JavaForumStuttgart 2015. Just in time. 😉

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What JAX-RS Filters Are Good For

I recently was asked what JAX-RS Filters are good for. Here’s is the answer: They are simply as versatile as a Swiss Army Knife. Thanks to JUG CH for this really cool gadget!

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Thank You, JUG Switzerland!

Just back from Switzerland where I lectured on “JAX-RS Done Right” at PH Zurich. The room was really jam-packed, and we had to forcefully cut the Q&A to not miss the fun at the after-event and subsequent open-air dinner! Those guys really followed the talk … Continue reading

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