I contributed to JCommander: Multi-Parameter Validation | Java Coding | Head Crashing Informatics 62

#JCommander (https://jcommander.org/) is a really cool micro-framework for command-line parsing in #Java ☕. While it has great parameter validation (even extensible), it lacks support for multi-parameter validation. So I simply added it, and since last week it is part of the original JCommander contribution! 🤩


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Java Guru with +30 years of experience in professional software development. I travelled the whole world of IT, starting from Sinclair's great ZX Spectrum 48K, Commodore's 4040, over S/370, PCs since legendary XT, CP/M, VM/ESA, DOS, Windows (remember 3.1?), OS/2 WARP, Linux to Android and iOS... and still coding is my passion, and Java is my favourite drug!
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