Gosh! Finally! | The Two Minutes Tuesday 030 | Java Live Coding

Andres is back with great news: Our “skip” property now officially is part of the #Maven Shade Plugin!

I hardly couldn’t believe it when Andres told me that the contribution we developed in a recent episode of #ToniteWithMe actually got merged by the Maven team meanwhile! I went to Github and YES!!! the commit is found in the master branch and even my name is told as a co-author. How noble, as all I did was asking dumb questions! πŸ˜‰


So time to join us when Andres and myself meet for the third time in this LIVE SHOW! Ask your questions in the LIVE CHAT, like: “What is this property actually good for?”. Don’t miss Friday night’s Live Show #ToniteWithMe on 20:00 CEST right here on this channel!

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