[LIVESTREAM] Christoph Engelbert LIVE CHAT The Digitial Cowshed | Tonite #WithMe | Java Latenite

Live chatting #ToniteWithMe about the digital cowshed is #JavaChampion Christoph Engelbert.

#EcoInformatics is a rather new application of information technology, and it is all about how to improve the ecological situation using hard- and software. Christoph is working on a solution (#clevabit, https://www.clevabit.com/) that improves the life of cows and chicken, and on Friday he will tell us how it works and what the actual benefit is. I am really excited to hear more about it, as it covers my two biggest interest: Informatics and Conservation!

Join this LIVE SESSION on Friday at 20:00 CET.

Just type your own questions into the chat while the show runs!

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