Open Source Scholarship | The Two Minutes Tuesday 022 | Announcement

Andres and me contributed the usual skip property to the Maven Shade Plugin, and got trated rather unfair by the Maven In-Crowd: While we asked BEFORE how to proceed, they told us AFTER the PR was done that they dislike the whole idea. This is not fair, it is disrespectful as it wastes valuable time, and it is definitively annoying new contributors!

But there is way to prevent this: Apply for the iJUG Open Source Scholarship! The iJUG is the umbrella association of approx. 50 JUGs in Germany, Swiss and Austria, and will mentor you in learning the unspoken rules of open source communities. Besides other goodies, like a free Javaland conference ticket, you finally (hopefull) will become a committer at a popoular open source project. In 2021, the rules are like this:

  • Send your application to
  • Select one of the following projects: Adoptium, Jakarta EE or Microprofile.
  • Refer to three PRs that you already filed for the selected project.
  • The iJUG’s Scholarship Mentors will select one person of all applications for each project.

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