Java Performance Shootout: Foreign Linker vs JNI | Modern Java | JDK16 | Head Crashing Informatics 28

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The #ForeignLinkerAPI, which is in incubation in #JDK16, was announced to be as fast as, OR EVEN FASTER AS, #JNI (#JavaNativeInterface, the sole OFFICIAL way to call native code from Java). But how looks the realitity? See an ACTUAL performance shootout of the Foreign Linker API vs JNI, AND VERSUS #JNA (#JavaNativeAccess, the DE-FACTO way for invoking native code from #Java). I don’t want to spoil TOO MUCH, but prepare yourself for adopting the new API AS SOON AS YOU CAN…!

In this video, I am using the #JavaMicrobenchmarkHarness (#JMH), see

The source code of the shootout can be found on Gitlab:

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