Grab a Pocket Sky give-away! – The Two Minutes Tuesday 012

Hey guys!

Be lucky and get one of two free Pocket Sky wearables donated by Active Wearables (

Time to sum up after one month of testing light-therapy-to-go. Does Pocket Sky work? Is there a risk? Is it worth the price? Get answers to the questions I had been asked by you.

While Active Wearables donated the two free give-aways, I bought my own Pocket Sky from my own money and did not get paid in any form for this episode. So be assured, the test result is my own, even if officially the video is marked as sponsored due to that.

I do not get paid for this show, nor do I receive free gadgets, and I am in no way afiliated to the vendor of “Pocket Sky”. I just want to help people suffering from these symptoms.

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