JAX-RS 2.2 Nightly Builds Available

I almost forgot to tell you: I have set up nightly buils of JAX-RS 2.2!

All you need to get in touch with the new binaries is to add the Eclipse Foundation’s SNAPSHOT repository to your Maven configuration, e. g.:

      <name>Eclipse Snapshots</name>

Beware of the fact that Oracle forced us to rename a lot of stuff, so you have to refer to the Maven GAV coordinates jakarta.ws.rs:jakarta.ws.rs-api:2.2-SNAPSHOT and all classes are in the jakarta.ws.rs package namespace now! Unfortunately Jersey, the former RI of JAX-RS, is still working on their 2.29 release which is JAX-RS 2.1 still, so you won’t be able to actually run anything using this new names. But I am confident that once 2.29 is out, they will eagerly pick up the changed names, so you can (again) try out all the great stuff we have in JAX-RS 2.2.

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