Java Forum Stuttgart 2019: I’m Speaking!

It is kind of a tradition meanwhile: To get the hottest news on JAX-RS 2.2 and 3.0 directly from one of the key committers, come again to Stuttgart on July 4 and visit my talk on “JAX-RS 3.0: The Next Generation”. This is not your dad’s JAX-RS anymore!

About Markus Karg

Java Guru with +30 years of experience in professional software development. I travelled the whole world of IT, starting from Sinclair's great ZX Spectrum 48K, Commodore's 4040, over S/370, PCs since legendary XT, CP/M, VM/ESA, DOS, Windows (remember 3.1?), OS/2 WARP, Linux to Android and iOS... and still coding is my passion, and Java is my favourite drug!
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