Oracle still has no clue how to go on with Java EE 8

So here it is, the long awaited JavaOne announcement on the future of Java EE 8, and what it tells us can be summed up quite simply: Oracle still has no clue how to go on with Java EE 8, so they let us wait even more years, and again ask us dumb questions on whether MVC and JMS should be cancelled or whether multi-tenancy would be necessary. One could hardly see any difference to the original Java EE 8 plan in fact. An at-most content-free and meaningless roadmap: “We do V8 then V9. For V8 we do another survey hoping that you agree when we kill MVC and JMS. For V9 we have drawn a chaotic chart. And we ask eight companies what they want. Ain’t that cool, folks?”. Good grief! And that’s everything they come up with after all that long time of silence and absence and protests by the community? No updated content and time frame for the existing JSRs? No real plan how to get the community in the boat, for really-open open source? Nothing? Not even an apology to the JCP for breaking their rules over and over again? You dare to come here barehanded? Really? Just once more the same Oracle-self-adulation that nobody wants to hear anymore — I’m really sick of that!

Oracle, once more, hand out the TCKs and let the community take over. We know what we want, we can deliver it in time, so let us just do our work now as we asked for months ago!

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