Is JavaFX ready for prime time?

Recently I was asked whether I think that JavaFX is ready for business use. While I certainly have my personal opinion basing on my own and my customers’ experience, it in fact is an interesting question. Oracle invested a lot into JavaFX, and yes, JavaFX 8 is really a game changer. But is it mature enough?

What do YOU think, is JavaFX ready for professional use? What is holding you back? What are the pros and cons?

Post your comments! 🙂

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3 Responses to Is JavaFX ready for prime time?

  1. JavaFX is a very nice and efficient tool to build graphic user interfaces.
    Since october 2011, JavaFX is a pure Java API. It is now included in the JDK.
    JavaFX allows you to write rapidly strong applications because the MVC pattern can be applied by externalizing the GUI in an xml file. JavaFX provides the power of CSS.
    One of my favorite feature is the binding (unidirectional or bidirectional) which link a property value to another. It is an efficient way (done under the hood) to link dynamically a property to its graphical representation.
    Scene builder is a good application which allow you to build your GUI by drag and dropping your controls.
    Note that you already can deploy applications on mobiles by using JavaFXports hosted by the gluon company.


  2. No its not ready for prime time.

    We are shipping a Swing based set of products and trying to leverage JavaFX features such as web view see some of what Steve wrote about this here:

    There are MANY problems and limitations in basic functionality that one would need. E.g. media playback works only on http and not of https which is one of those WTF bugs that we had to explain to customers.

    JavaFX is so ridiculously broken that we are considering a rewrite of our desktop graphics layer in native code!

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    • Markus Karg says:

      Did you provide a reproducible test case to Oracle so they could fix this shortcoming?

      What other Java based GUI framework would you prefer instead of JavaFX?


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