JavaLand’s a great place to meet great people

A big “Thank You!” to the organizers of the JavaLand conference! I had two great days and met a lot of great people, and I learned a real lot of them – even I’m doing Java since 1997!

The great thing about JavaLand is that the community is just one big family and you can really talk to a lot of people you always wanted to ask burning questions, and you get ideas you would never had otherwise. I attended to 14 talks in those two days, and each of them was really inspiring. I just can say: Come to JavaLand 2016, you will enjoy it!

Among the people you could have talked to if you would have attended, would be (in no particular order, and leaving out really brilliant minds): Arun Gupta, Markus Eisele, Lukas Eder, Axel Fontaine, Simon Ritter, Mark Struberg, Ed Burns, … and lots more!

Tip: Don’t squander any time riding one of the free roller coasters. Instead pluck up courage for networking, or have a beer with one of the VIPs. All those guys around are waiting to talk to you, they just wait for getting asked! Take your chance! The result will be much longer lasting and very useful for your future work.

About Markus Karg

Java Guru with +30 years of experience in professional software development. I travelled the whole world of IT, starting from Sinclair's great ZX Spectrum 48K, Commodore's 4040, over S/370, PCs since legendary XT, CP/M, VM/ESA, DOS, Windows (remember 3.1?), OS/2 WARP, Linux to Android and iOS... and still coding is my passion, and Java is my favourite drug!
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