msysgit “git fetch” crashing on Windows

There is an annoying bug in msysgit for long time, and it seems the guys are unable to fix it anytime soon. The effect is that sporadically “git fetch” won’t work for msysgit deamons. It always fails with strange error messages like these:

fatal: read error: Invalid argument
fatal: early EOFs:  91% (113/124)
fatal: index-pack failed

So what to do? Thanks to Konstantin Khomoutov – he told me the solution: Replace git: protocol by CIFS, i. e. turn your Windows local folder holding your git repository into a Windows shared folder (and grant access rights for your pals, certainly!). Then tell everybody not to use git: schema anymore, but use CIFS schema now (but use forward slashes), for the remote. That’s all!

net use //your-hostname/your-share/
git remote rm the-remote-id
git remote add the-remote-id //your-hostname/your-share/

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