Jogging with Java Gurus

It’s a bit a shame that I forgot to take my camera with me to the JavaLand jogging tour. It was about three degree celsius and I didn’t want to hold something in my hand all the time… like Arun Gupta did (but for him, I think it was not like runnig but simply walking, so he had plenty of time and energy to take photos of us). So I am happy to have a photo finally, stealing the first frame of the JavaLand trailer:

JavaLand Jogging

(Courtesy of DOAG Dienstleistungen GmbH)

I’m number four from the left (the one with the grey beanie), among others like Alex Neumann (bare legs) and Arun Gupta (no Red Hat but a black beanie, strange but true). Luckily the video only shows the start, where I’m looking chilled but fresh. The missing end of the Jogging footage would show the inverse: limbered but exhausted.

Even more luckily we took the following snapshot before the run and not after, so I had at least a chance to look as-fit-as Arun, who eats kilometers for breakfast, while I do not more than ten to twenty a week. Shame on me. Or look it that way: I do so much Java that I just have no time for more kilometers.Arun and Markus at Java Land

Arun phrased it this way: “Java EE — Jave from End-to-End.” – He was the pace maker, I was the safety car. Anyways, it was big fun, and I’m looking forward to more kilometers at next JavaLand.

CU at JavaLand 2015!

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  1. Awesome post Markus!

    I enjoyed running at JavaLand this year, and would definitely love to do it next year as well. I dare you to make the run more interesting for 2015 🙂


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