Hear my address on JAX-RS at “Alte Scheune Degerloch” (JUG Stuttgart)

I’m giving another free address on the purpose and use of JAX-RS. If you’d missed the one at JUG Karlsruhe back in July, it’s your chance to catch up with latest information about JAX-RS current and future purpose and use. Beyound the usual feature-counting known from vendor talks at big conferences, this talk is more about the drivers behind JAX-RS, the benefits you gain when using it, particularly when migrating from Servlets, Sockets or any other lower-level technology.

As I’m serving this address personally, it is your chance to get insights into this essential key technology and a main driver for Java EE 8 directly from someone who actively particiapted to JAX-RS since many years, and who is focused on adding community value to this spec.

Glad to meet you at JUG Stuttgart on October 30, 2015 at 18:30. AFAIK it is free entry, but you need to register by email to gc@jugs.org for planning reasons. The location is:

Alte Scheuer Degerloch
Große Falterstraße 6a
70597 Stuttgart-Degerloch

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