Free is not enough. About greedy users.

As I reported earlier, we are giving away for free a full animated emoticons theme (“Cheeky”) which costs us lots of work to draw and compose. We decided to donate some parts to the open source community, as we wanted to say thank you for a lot of open source we have been used in the past. So we decided to render 64×64 pixel animated GIFs, donate these binaries to the open source, plus a generic packaging script, pre-configured to provide themes for adium, aqq, pidgin, and gajim. Also we decided to donate more. Every week we donate many new GIFs and from time to time another configuration to build themes for other IMs. And we donate lots of time and paid computation time to provide all that service. We donate the right to unassemble and use and modify the GIFs in any way one likes. That is worth several tens of thousands of dollars. Nobody pays us for that. It is a gift for the open source community. Not less. Not more.

What outrages me are people publicly criticizing us that we do not provide the 3D models, and the animation vectors, and all scripts needed, to create that GIFs. I can’t understand those guys. Instead of being happy and thankful that someone donates GIFs which they may use and modify, and a build script which they can use to build themes for all those IMs, they demand for more and they told us we would be obliged to do so. Gimmemore. Gimmemore. Gimmemore.

I call this greedy and unthankful. This actually reduces our enthusiasm to donate more GIFs and invest further hours to support more IMs.

If this is the reaction when someone donates gifts and grants rights, then do not wonder why someone stops it some day.

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