What, “Whale Wars” is real?!

Packing my goods in the bag, the cashier at the mall said “Whale Wars. Cool Series.”. It needed a second until I understood that he referred to the cab I was wearing: A black “Sea Shepherd” beanie (which is my favourite headgear currently). Talking to him what he finds “cool” in a documentary on whiping out earth’s largest mammals, it turned out he thought it is an action series like the “A-Team” or “CSI” (possibly because it is broadcasted on a typical action series channel in Germany). He was rather astonished when I explained that this scenes and animals and blood actually is real (even when it contains scripted parts to dramatise for screen broadcast to gain more donations).

All the time wearing the Sea Shepherd logo with proud to express my political attitude, I never had an idea that people might think what I have at my head is a logo taken from a TV series instead from a real NGO fighting real problems. Strange. Maybe I should not wear my Greenpeace shirts, too. People might confuse it with a jeans brand like Levis or Mavi.

Crazy modern world of media! 😦

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